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I have a passion for photographing shapes, colours and textures.


In my flower portraits, I aim to capture a flower in all its vibrant, textured, shapely glory. I choose close up images because by keeping an image simple the attention of the viewer can be focused. Abstract images mainly come from the flowers themselves requiring little manipulation. I love the curls, curves and hidden wonders.

My garden photography focuses on the garden, as well as individual flowers – I hope to tell a story of the garden as I found it.

During my photography, I love the serendipity of finding bees far too busy to notice me or my lens and thanks to a good lens I am able to capture fine detail.  

I had always been interested in photography and once I picked up my first SLR I was hooked. Courses and qualifications in photography have furthered my knowledge and interest, from the silence and enforced patience of the darkroom, to the joys and frustrations of the digital age. I discovered that I have a good eye for shape and texture.




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